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We’re a full service video production and photography agency with 17 years of experience in both sectors. Crispy Dog is dedicated to delivering visual stories with extra bite … hence the Crispy Dog name … which we’re hoping you’ll remember for all the right reasons! We’re a London based agency covering video production and photography needs for fashion brands through to corporate clients. With a second studio in Leeds, we’re well positioned to work with clients throughout the UK and any country you want to pack us off to (please god, let there be a beach). Contact Crispy Dog today about your video and photographic needs.

Meet The Video Production and Photography Team

Ian Photographer, Filmmaker and Editor
Photographer, Filmmaker and Editor

Founder of Crispy Dog, Ian will take a project from concept to completion with his cheerful, easy-going attitude and even sweep the floor afterwards
Graeme Cameraman and Editor
Cameraman and Editor

Graeme is a genius with the camera and loves to shoot at obscure angles to turn even the most humdrum subject matter into something truly magical
Chevonne Photographer, Filmmaker and Production Assistant
Photographer, Filmmaker and Production Assistant

Multi-talented Chevonne organises, researches, fixes and keeps the show on the road. She’s a chai latte drinking cat lover who’s into horror flicks, but she’s no scaredi cat
Nick Scriptwriter

We call Nick the ideas man. No matter how bland the product or project is, he will take it, absorb it and mix it with some special patented Nick humour, and originality
Grant Business Development
Business Development

Don’t be fooled by the boring title, this geek is anything but and once you get Grant interested he’ll learn and talk your product until the cows come home
Shane Presenter and Producer
Presenter and Interviewer

You can relax when Shane is around, his friendly manner, cheeky smile and gift of the gab are sure to settle the nerves of even the most awkward person on camera

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