Documentary Video

Do you want a Documentary Video to provide a factual report on a particular subject? Documentary Video is a growth area, particularly for brands and businesses who want to tell a unique or in-depth story. Companies are investing in documentaries to show on video channels due to the growing consumer demand for interesting content. We can work with you to storyboard an idea and recommend directors for the project. If you want a Documentary Video with extra bite, contact Crispy Dog today. We are proud to say that we’ve made our own documentary film called 'These Are The Ones That Count' which gives viewers a glimpse into the world of body building. The film is available to watch now on Amazon Prime

These Are The Ones That Count

An intimate portrait of body building champion Simon Ackroyd as he sacrifices everything for his biggest competition yet, Mr Universe.


In May 2014, Simon Ackroyd won a major body building championship to become Mr Great Britain. This victory earned him the opportunity to compete at the pinnacle of global amateur bodybuilding – Mr Universe. Impressed by his achievement, Simon’s younger brother Shane, and his filmmaker friend Ian Harding of Crispy Dog, decided to make a ‘short film’ following Simon and his inspirational training partner Neil, as they train for their biggest challenge yet. These Are The Ones That Count is an entirely honest look into their world of sheer dedication and sacrifice, where every repetition, calorie and carb matters.

For more information and exclusive content, please visit the film's website: These Are The Ones That Count