Live Streaming Video Production

Live Streaming is a great way to communicate with customers and promote your brand. Live Streaming is a growth area, particularly for businesses or brands who cannot meet large numbers of customers at events or conferences. During the current situation, companies are using Live Streaming to communicate and engage with their customer base, generating consumer interest in their content. Plus, Live Streams can be recorded and uploaded to your website and used as part of your social media campaigns. Our services include bespoke branded templates, live video feeds, synchronised slides, live Q&A with real time analytics and on-site production. If you need to Live Stream an event or conference, contact Crispy Dog today.

Live Streaming Services

  • On Site Production & Support

  • Video Webcast Packages

  • Registered Participant Statistics

  • Flash, HTML, iPad & Mobile

  • On Site Video Encoding

  • 12 Month Replay Facility

  • 1000 Concurrent Viewers

  • Live Video Feeds

  • Branded Registration Page

  • Live Q&A Facility

  • On Demand Replays

  • Live Subtitles

  • Audio Transcription

  • Synchronised Slides & Video

  • Real Time Analytics

  • Bespoke Branded Templates

  • PPV InPlayer Monetisation

  • Language Translation

  • Extended Hosting

  • Downable PDFs

  • Branded Splash Page