Ian Harding Filmmaker and Photographer

Ian Harding is a Filmmaker and Photographer. He lives in London but grew up in Manchester where he developed a passion for visual imagery at a young age. He learnt about black and white photography in his father’s darkroom at home and borrowed his school’s video camera over the summer holidays to make short films of his friends skateboarding. Through these early experiences Ian found the perfect outlet for his natural creativity.

After several years of assisting and following a very technical and traditional grounding in photography, Ian was an early adopter of digital photography. He later embraced the DSLR revolution of filmmaking, transferring his style and approach to photography into the world of moving imagery. In January 2013, after many years as an established filmmaker and photographer, Ian decided to take a break from his digital lifestyle and travelled to Senegal to work with a charity for street children, an experience that he describes as humbling and distressing, yet eye-opening and invigorating.

Filmmaker and Photographer Launches Crispy Dog

Upon returning to London Ian embarked on creating Crispy Dog, a full service video and photography agency. One of his aims is to combine his previous work with a strong focus on working with charities plus ethical and sustainable brands. He feels passionate about this, he wants to help improve our planet and care for the environment whilst giving something back to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Ian combines his creativity with his professional experience to make short films for competitions in partnership with actors and scriptwriters. He likes it when his projects are more ambitious and technically challenging than the last. His eye for detail and composition, combined with his easy going personality, ensures that he puts his artistes at ease and brings out the best qualities of the crew working around him to create a memorable experience on shoot and a truly creative and collaborative result.

Filmmaker and Photographer Clients

Since setting up Crispy Dog, Ian’s client base has been varied. One day he might be on a location with a sports brand, the next he might be working in a studio for a catalogue fashion shoot. By combining creativity and skill Ian brings something special to his work, starting each production with a unique and memorable concept. For example, his video for Foundation Sports mixed facts and fun to give the perfect tone for this children’s sports coaching company.